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Starting in Milwaukee, WI, Social Connection Circle offers resources for individuals and collaborators, including minglespaces, Connection Driven Events, and a network of Neighborhood Connectors, all to help social connection in your community.

Let's Make it Easier to Connect

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Social connection, the structure, function, and quality of our relationships, is a human need for our emotional and physical health, just like food and water. Learn more > 

Social Connection and Community

Social Connection Circle offers resources for Individuals and Collaborators to increase social connection and overall quality of life.

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Social Connection Circle Milwaukee

To foster communities where people feel free to say hi and introduce themselves to others and be themselves while out and about and at events, where it's normal for strangers to become friendly neighbors, and where no one needs to be lonely or isolated


Social Connection Circle Community

Greater social connection cuts a person's risk of early death by 50%.


The health risk of lacking social connection is twice the risk of obesity and greater than the risk of lack of exercise. 


Social isolation increases the risk of heart disease and stroke by 30%.


Prolonged isolation has health risks equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day or having alcohol use disorder.


The Social Connection Circle is dedicated to making it easier to meet new people and remove obstacles to connection in Milwaukee County and beyond. Our approach is two-fold, supporting Individuals with resources, and Collaborators aligned to drive connection in 3 ways: 

  • Create minglespaces at events and public spaces and integrate other everyday social connection strategies  

  • Increase Connection Driven Events, designed to intentionally connect + lead to more meaningful interactions  

  • Build a network of Neighborhood Connectors to help foster friendly, supportive, and integrated neighborhoods 


These 3 initiatives will evolve based on community feedback towards building a more connected community.


Image by Shane Rounce

3 Initiatives to Increase Social Connection:​​


We work with event holders to create minglespaces at large events, music festivals, fairs, and other gatherings and with city departments to create more of them in public spaces.


Minglespaces are locations where it is encouraged to meet someone new, whether you are at the event alone or just want to meet people. These spaces will make events and gatherings inclusive for those who want to attend events by themselves and increase community connection.   

Minglespaces give people permission to welcome or initiate engagement and conversation with new people. Promoting these and other designated spaces at events and frequented public spaces will help address loneliness by helping to normalize making new connections. Have an event suited to feature a minglespace?


We promote and help organize events that intentionally connect people and assist in making meaningful connections. Connection Driven Events include elements that cut through social conventions or typical event formats that hold us back from real connection. Events can be organized to encourage people to share deeper thoughts and feelings, helping to create lasting connection. whether through discussion prompts or sharing circles, or social games.  


Whether these are events that simply help people make introductions with other attendees or are structured to lead to deeper personal conversations, Connection Driven Events put connection between attendees as the driving purpose of the event, rather than a side-effect or possible outcome.  

Connection Driven Events

We aim to help create and support a network of Neighborhood Connectors, people who are interested in talking to more people in their neighborhoods, planning neighborhood get-togethers and connection themed events, and creating friendly neighborhoods.

We have created a guide with resources and challenges for Neighborhood Connectors and a case for reaching out to your neighbors. They will also be invited to take part in our Prospecting for Dreams Project, where we will collect the dreams for the future of the county by interviewing residents and then implementing them together as a community in collaboration with local artists.

Neighborhood Connectors

Social Connection Community